Advisory Services

In the life of virtually every business a transition of some sort is almost always in process. Continual evolution and change is a necessary element for sustainable value creation. The existing Board and management team often are well-equipped to address many of these requirements. However, from time-to-time a situation may arise where outside expertise and advice is needed. Sometimes this can be an urgent requirement due to a crisis or an extended period of less than acceptable results. Situational assessment and guidance, or executive or Board leadership may be required, sometimes immediately. We offer and provide these kinds of advisory services with confidence.

A proactive transition may be initiated by an owner, a shareholder or the Board, or may be required as the result of competition or other changes in the market. In certain circumstances, a shareholder will have an interest sufficient to warrant proactive engagement with the Board and/or company management. Some of the transitions in which we may be of service, include:

  • Strategic redirection
  • Executive leadership change
  • Sale, acquisition or divestiture
  • Restructuring and turnaround
  • Business risk management
  • Key investor entry and exit
  • Shareholder engagement
  • Board formation and transition
We will provide exceptional speed of engagement and action:
  • Accelerated assimilation of the key facts and circumstances
  • Rapid arrival on-site and establishment of leadership (if required)
  • High velocity prioritization and staging of the most urgent issues
  • Driving immediate actions, with clear expectations and accountability
  • Vigilant, continuous monitoring and correction, as required
  • Frequent reporting and counsel with the client

“William Keiper is a seasoned public company executive…and has earned the respect of not only the Board members, but the employees and the Company's investors. He has done a terrific job as interim CEO and has proven to the Board and the Company's investors that he is exceedingly well-qualified…we met many great executives during the search, and the Board unanimously concluded that Will was the best person for the job.”

Phillip Riese, Board member, Hypercom Corporation

“Will is a quick study. It didn't take long before he had a list of action items to improve the company. It was very encompassing including launching new product lines, streamlining the organization layers, improving gross margins, rationalizing facilities, reducing costs and improving the financial metrics. He kept all of us focused.”

Tom Liguori, EVP & CFO, Mflex Corp.; formerly CFO, Dole Foods Europe and Hypercom Corporation

William Keiper, Managing Partner