“You will be hard pressed to find a strategic advisor who is more passionately engaged, more productive or more intensely focused on results than William Keiper. If the strategic challenge you are facing is vitally important and has to get done, then you owe it to yourself to first talk with Will. You will get the same boundless energy, business savvy and exceptional productivity that defined him as a CEO. More importantly, you get years of real world experience and hard-earned wisdom that will save you time, money and damaging missteps. Will is an advisor you can count on. You can count on William Keiper to get the job done, to act in your best interests, and to tell you the truth, even if it hurts.”

-Jim Manton, Manton Advisory Services; former Fortune 500 company President, and author of The Secret of Transitions

“I served on the Board of Directors of a publicly-held U.S. company with William Keiper. I have seen him in action as a Board member and as the leader of an independent team tasked with completing a unique M&A transaction. He exhibited great skill in navigating the complexities of corporate finance, legal, regulatory and accounting issues, as well as the myriad ‘personality’ challenges that came into play. I have seen him exhibit only the highest ethical and moral standards, and he shows no hesitation is being direct and candid in his assessments.”

-Ken Kirkpatrick, President, US Bank, State of Washington

 “I worked side-by-side with William Keiper in planning and completing a number of acquisitions around the world. He is a brilliant and insightful guide, able to rapidly gain a comprehensive understanding of business strategy, financial performance and opportunities to build company value. As a highly experienced business executive himself, he understands that the existing business must have the capability of not only planning and completing an acquisition, but creating value from it. You can count on world class strategic guidance…and a relentless focus on value creation.”

-Tom Liguori, EVP & CFO, Mflex Corp.; former CFO, Dole Foods Europe and Hypercom Corporation

“I came to know William…when he was appointed CEO of Hypercom. STS, the company that I lead as President, is the company’s Master Distributor in the Middle East… we made a tour together of the Persian Gulf States to visit clients. What struck me most about William is his vast knowledge of the Middle East traditions and culture which made him highly popular with the clients in our region. I also admire his charisma, leadership style, strong personality…he is determined and decisive...”

-Aiman Mazahreh, President, Specialized Technical Services (Amman, Jordan); Chairman, Information Technology Association-Jordan; President, Arab Academy for Microsoft Technologies

“I worked closely with William Keiper on a complex transaction involving many other business executives, lawyers, investment bankers, accountants and corporate finance professionals. He skillfully managed the transaction process from beginning to end, and delivered on the commitment to create maximum value for the shareholders. He is able to anticipate and stay ahead of the most critical aspects of a transaction. You can count on steady strategic leadership and unbiased analysis of the matters at hand. Will is unequivocally a talented and ethical business advisor of the highest order.”

-Michael Morgan, Senior Partner, Lane Powell law firm

“William Keiper is the most talented and professional CEO I have had the pleasure of serving. His exceptional management skills…are only exceeded by his professional vision in leading our company through many trials and tribulations to eventual success. He has an innate ability to provide the tools needed to develop superior strategic direction and actionable tactical initiatives…Personally, I feel entirely gratified by Will’s consummate guidance and from the sound, all-encompassing, perceptive leadership, so humbly provided, during my tenure with him.”

-Neil Hudd, Partner, Walnut Venture Associates; former VP International, NCR/AT&T and VP, Global Marketing, Tandem Computers

“Will is one of the hardest working, big picture and media-savvy CEOs I’ve had the pleasure of working with. It was not unusual for Will to call as early as 5:00am or as late as near-midnight, regardless of what continent he was on and/or how many other balls he was juggling; the lines of communication were always open. Will knows how to bring out the best in you…working for and with (him) was an exceptionally unique and rewarding experience. We had a ball.”

-Pete Schuddekopf,VP Media & Industry Analyst Relations, Hypercom Corporation; former VP, Edelman Public Relations

“It was my pleasure to serve with William Keiper as a fellow Board member. Will has the innate ability to analyze business strategy and financial statements, and quickly see the strengths, issues and challenges. I enjoyed his direct no-nonsense approach. When a meeting sometimes became tense, his calm demeanor was always a stabilizing presence. Will’s wealth of experience and talent could easily intimidate many people, yet he is always approachable and personable, not only with other Board members, but more importantly the executives and employees.”

-Greg Szabo, Chairman & Founder, Ertek, Inc.; former Senior Vice President, AirTouch /Verizon

“(Under Will’s leadership) we revamped the company, eliminated significant expense, introduced a new product line that is still serving the company well today and increased revenues. Will provided excellent, laser-focused leadership earning the respect of associates and shareholders...”

-OB Rawls, VP-Sales, TASQ Technology; former GM, International Partnerships, First Data Merchant Services and SVP-Global Sales, Hypercom Corporation

“William Keiper and I worked together in visualizing and creating a major strategic shift in the technology and product strategy for a global company with special product and technology requirements on every Continent, and in many individual countries. He is an extremely quick study and a truly strategic thinker. FirstGlobal Partners is the perfect platform for him to help other companies and executives by leveraging his many years of experience in addressing serious business challenges.”

-Jonatan Schmidt, Founder and CTO, Ambiq Technology

William Keiper, Managing Partner